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American Windsor Chair

Autumn Side Chair

Avignon Chair

Bedford Chair

Bow Back Arrow Chair

Bow Back Windsor Chair

Camden Ladder Side Chair

Canterbury Chair

Classic Shaker Chair

Cleveland Chair

Concord Chair

Dining Chair

Dutch Lily Chair

Dutch Rose Chair

Frederick Chair

Solid Wood Dining Room Chairs

Have you made a significant investment in an elegant dining room table, only to have it surrounded by rickety chairs that are a major source of embarrassment? Correct your furniture faux pas by replacing your aging chairs, or recently purchased squeaky wobbly ones, with beautiful solid wood dining room chairs from Country Lane Furniture. Our dining room chairs come with a Lifetime Warranty at no extra cost. We’ve been providing expertly handcrafted hardwood furniture to all of Lancaster and Lebanon County and beyond since 1989! To view the states that we have customers, click on our Delivery options in the home page, we have only 8 states that we still need customers to order from. So if you are in one of those states we need you especially so we can complete our goal to supply every state in America with our handmade solid wood furniture. And of course you need us especially so you can experience the joy of owning carefree solid quality handmade chairs.

So Many Fabulous Chairs to Choose From

We specialize in hardwood Amish dining room chairs in a wide variety of types and sizes. Whether you prefer the unique rounded look of the Bow Back Arrow Chair or Concord Chair, the traditional ladder back appearance of the Classic Shaker Chair or Kingston Chair, or the simple elegance of a chair from our Keystone Collection, you’ll find it right here! We can also customize many of our hardwood Amish dining room chairs to provide the personalized look and feel you’ve always dreamed of!

Our Chairs Are Made From Only the Best Pennsylvania Hardwoods

Appearance, durability and stability are paramount in any furniture piece, and this is especially true of dining room chairs. Our Mennonite and Amish craftsmen produce more than 35 handmade styles of beautifully designed chairs in solid Pennsylvania grown wood. Now you need to know there are some wording issues out there, we and many of our customers have found out that while inspecting furniture at some of those import type stores, that there are individuals out there that will tell you that they sell solid wood and that the item you may be interested in purchasing is solid wood, when in fact it is simply solid wood for the first 1/32 or less of an inch. We call that veneer on plywood or worse yet veneer on particle board. So it pays to know your woods and the terminology when shopping for real solid wood through and through. Solid wood handcrafted chairs still are not all created the same. There are folks that don’t take the time or have the experience to build chairs that can last a lifetime and beyond. There is no reason to own wobbly chairs if you buy gold standard handcrafted with time honored tradition and our new state of the art equipment that is able to provide a 1/5000th of an inch ultra-fitted. Our chairs are made from the finest quality Pennsylvania-grown hardwoods, known for their superior strength as well as their unrivaled aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer cherry wood dining room or kitchen chairs or pieces constructed of maple, oak or quarter-sawn white oak, you can be sure your chairs will stand the test of time. Here at Country Lane Furniture, chairs carry a lifetime warranty at no charge.

Solid Wood Dining Room Chairs Featuring Superior Amish Craftsmanship

Many of our customers have had the misfortune of previously owning dining room chairs that begin to fall apart after only a year or two. Upon visiting some of those import item furniture stores we have noticed there are often wobbly, cheaply made chairs sitting in the showroom. We, I guess you could say, never could do the math on that one. In the end folks often pay much more for cheaply made chairs which cause aggravation when a friend or relative land on the floor after trusting the chair to hold them. Cheaply made imported or even so called handcrafted furniture is not always what you may think it is, so it is always good to take a good look under the chair, and see if it has a tight fit where all the parts are connected with screws, finger jointed in full post chairs, glue, and brad nails. Our chairs are fitted to 1/5000th of an inch. There is simply no chance for them to become wobbly or squeaky. Our solid wood dining room chairs are handcrafted by our skilled local Mennonite and Amish. Quality is always our primary focus. This is a welcome departure from much of today’s mass-produced furniture where making it quickly is more important than making it properly. Our furniture is built for tomorrow as well as today and always with user friendly at the forefront of each handmade chair.

Come See Our Fantastic Dining Room Chair Collection!

Country Lane Furniture is simply one well known family owned and operated store conveniently located in the small historic town of Annville, PA, the site of our sprawling well stocked 10,000-square-foot store and showroom, so stop by and see us if you’re not too far away. We can personally deliver your solid wood dining room chairs to your PA, MD, VA, WV, NY, NJ, or OH home, and we also ship to virtually anywhere in the U.S. Upgrade the look and feel of your dining room with handcrafted hardwood Mennonite and Amish dining room chairs from Country Lane Furniture! You’ll be glad you did…

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