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Dining Tables

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Handmade Dining Room Tables in PA

The dining table is the focal point of any dining room, so doesn’t it make sense to own a dining room table that is worthy of being the room’s centerpiece? Country Lane Furniture offers dozens of gorgeous handmade Amish dining room tables in a wide range of sizes and styles for any taste you may have. We’ve been providing reasonably priced heirloom-quality Amish furniture to residents and business owners in Lancaster and Lebanon County and beyond since 1989.

Amish Dining Tables Made From the Finest PA Hardwoods

Every Amish dining table in our inventory is individually handmade from Pennsylvania-grown hardwoods, including maple, cherry, oak and quarter-sawn white oak. These woods are known for their unparalleled sturdiness and durability, as well as the intricate grain patterns that enhance their innate beauty. Local Mennonite and Amish artisans skillfully transform these locally grown raw woods into breathtaking furniture masterpieces such as the Classic Shaker Solid Top Table featuring the simple but elegant Shaker design, and the stylish and cozy Manchester Gathering Table. Our Mennonite and Amish furniture makers follow time-tested manufacturing processes that ensure a long-lasting handmade table of the highest quality.

We’re Your Source for a Custom Dining Room Table in PA and Beyond

Here at Country Lane Furniture, our aim is to provide the perfect handmade Amish furniture piece for every customer, regardless of individual style or taste. If you can’t find the right table in our large selection of in-stock furniture, we can offer a personalized furniture solution that meets your needs. Most of our dining room tables can be custom-built to the exact specifications of our customers. We’ll work with you to incorporate your unique ideas into the design of your dream dining table, including the selection of a wood finish that best complements your dining room décor. It’s our way of keeping the time-honored tradition of locally handmade, custom Amish furniture alive!

Custom One of a Kind, Slab Tables - Rustic with Live Edge

We offer beautiful one of a kind slab tables. These tables are unique; they are handmade using large thick slabs of hardwood in various thicknesses. Normally there is a slab cut 2 ½” thick, or depending on the width you desire your slab table, there will be two slabs cut from the same log and joined as one but you will see the beautiful natural designs in the wood grain. The result is that you have two table widths varying width from 30” up to 48” or more and any length up to 12 ft long. These unique one of a kind tables can be used for dining tables, gathering or anything including conference rooms too. Every table is different as it will be from a different part of the log and from whichever species of tree you decide for any particular natural graining design in the wood. We can provide you with tables such as this for occasional or any use. The edge of these tables are live edges, with the inner bark still connected, you can also choose to have them finished with the raw outer bark still attached for a more rustic appearance. This raw bark would be sealed with varnish. Because of the live edges these tables are always the shape of the tree trunk, not straight edges or sides. You could have part of the table 36” wide and part of it 34” wide or maybe one will vary from 36” wide up to 40” wide. Some areas are slanted edge and some edges have more straight as is the natural edge of any tree. The wood species varies from cherry, oak, black walnut, maple, hickory, elm, white oak - all locally grown in the USA - and many other exotic hardwoods which can come from various countries such as Africa, South America, or Asia. These tables will give your room a cozy and relaxing atmosphere and are always a conversation piece; you probably will find that many of your friends have never heard of these PA Handcrafted Slab Tables.

We’re Much More Than Just a Lancaster and Lebanon County Furniture Store

Country Lane Furniture strives to be a local friendly furniture store with a broad customer base. We will personally deliver your handmade Amish dining table to your home, whether you live in PA or the neighboring states of VA, NJ, NY, WV, DE, OH, MD, TN or NC. We can also ship our handmade dining room tables to virtually anywhere in the U.S.!

Visit Our Annville, PA Showroom for a Closer Look

We know that after browsing our fabulous selection of Mennonite and Amish PA handmade dining tables above, you’ll want to see them in person. We invite you to visit our 10,000-square-foot store and showroom located in the small historic town of Annville, PA in the heart of Mennonite and Amish country and only 10 miles east from the world famous town of Hershey. Experience the timeless beauty of local handcrafted Amish furniture at Country Lane Furniture!

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