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Gun Cabinets

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Custom Cherry Gun Cabinet

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Custom Maple 6 Gun Cabinet

If you’re an avid gun collector, there’s no better way to store and display your gun collection than with a beautiful handcrafted solid wood gun cabinet from Country Lane Furniture. We feature a large selection of handmade wall and corner gun cabinets and gun safes constructed from the finest Pennsylvania hardwoods including cherry, maple, and oak. Whether your collection consists of rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers or a combination of several types, you’ll find the perfect cabinet for your needs.

Our Gun Cabinets Are Loaded With User-Friendly Features

When you choose a gun cabinet from Country Lane Furniture, you also get the benefit of a wide range of unique features. For instance, the Metro Corner Gun Cabinet includes a 12-gun carousel that enables you to easily rotate the display, along with two double muzzle props on each side. You can also add the option of Hand Gun holders on the back wall of various gun cabinets. The gun cabinets also feature locking doors on the top and bottom, so you can limit access to your collection while also protecting them against theft.

Custom Gun Cabinets? Yes, Our Specialty

Our custom gun cabinet designers here at Country Lane Furniture can help you design the piece to your exact user friendly specifications. A perfect example can be seen on our web site, click on Gun Cabinets and then Custom Gun Cabinets, to see the Custom Solid Cherry Gun Cabinets for ideas. We can add hidden nooks and special compartments that can be locked without metal key locks and opened with a push of a wooden dowel pin through a concealed hole, as well as other ways we have used including storage space within the trim. There are many ideas and your needs and imagination is how far we can go to make your special gun display or hidden gun collection dream cabinet/wall unit come true. So whether you need to show or conceal all or some of your collection, we can accommodate your needs at a very reasonable cost to you. Depending on how large your cabinet will be, we will build it in several pieces for easy handling. We have built 50 gun cabinets in four pieces that when placed in the home appear to be one piece. Dual purpose use, sometimes folks want to dismantle part of their cabinet for other uses in the future. We offer user friendly design ideas such as this for your options and cost efficiency. In the past our customers have commented how reasonably priced our locally handcrafted Lebanon and Lancaster Amish custom gun cabinets are in comparison to medium and large factory built gun cabinets. With our family’s Swiss heritage, (remember the world renowned Swiss watch), in keeping with attention to detail and Mennonite and Amish master craftsmen traditions we want to help you bring your dream to life! We are local Lancaster and Lebanon County designers and craftsmen who came from Switzerland in 1695, more than 315 years ago. It is the hard work, reliability, and close attention to detail that has been the back bone of our success in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties through the centuries and through good or poor national economic conditions. We continue to pay close attention to the smallest of details to create a furniture masterpiece you’ll be proud to have in your home or office. We will always work hard and listen well in order to provide you the best handcrafted solid wood furniture money can buy at affordable prices. We live and work in a low cost area so we can keep our overhead lower than many other areas.

The Select Harvest Forestry and Best Forest practices that are used by our suppliers are another reason why we are able to continue the family tradition of using Solid Wood for our handcrafting of fine furniture. The fact that we are living in an area of the very best quality of hardwoods in America is another reason we can keep our overhead cost lower. What can we say, William Penn’s Woods (Pennsylvania) is the lead producing state in America for high quality hardwoods and in developing and keeping “Best Forest Practices” in the renewable hardwoods we use.

Providing Handmade Heirloom-Quality Furniture Since 1989

Country Lane has been providing exquisite Mennonite and Amish-made furniture from our shops, mostly in Lebanon and Lancaster County, for PA families and business owners since 1989. We’re a multi-generational family-owned furniture store that takes great pride in designing and offering trust worthy and affordable heirloom-quality furniture that stands the test of time. We also serve the surrounding states of MD, VA, WV, NY, NJ, OH and DE. We ship furniture all across the USA from right here at our single store to Florida, Alaska and Texas and all points in between. Here at Country Lane Furniture we are only one store large but we do have a very large customer area we supply. We believe if we do our job right and treat folks as we would want to be treated with each sale then they will in turn tell their friends. This is one of the predominant reasons we have grown so much over the last 24 years.

Browse Our Gun Cabinet Inventory

Please take a few minutes to browse our online gun cabinet inventory. For a closer look at our wall and corner gun cabinets and gun safes, stop by our 10,000-square-foot store and showroom located in the heart of Mennonite and Amish country in Annville, PA. Make Country Lane Furniture your choice for all your home and office furnishing needs!