PA Amish Handcrafted Sewing Cabinets in Maple - Oak and Cherry Wood - Handmade From Solid Hardwoods!
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A sewing cabinet from Country Lane Furniture is the perfect furniture addition for the professional seamstress or for those of you who enjoy sewing or quilting as a hobby. We offer a huge selection of Mennonite and Amish handcrafted sewing machine cabinets, and we’re also America’s best source for a beautiful handcrafted sewing table. With so many available sizes and types, you’ll have no problem finding a handmade sewing cabinet that’s just right for your sewing room or workspace!

Solid Wood Sewing Cabinets That Stand the Test of Time

When you purchase a solid wood sewing cabinet from Country Lane Furniture, you get a beautiful, user friendly and enduring furniture piece that could possibly remain in your family for generations to come. Our cabinets are made from the finest Pennsylvania-grown hardwoods, a locally grown product that represents the gold standard for quality in the furniture manufacturing industry. Whether you prefer a solid oak or maple sewing cabinet or a piece made from cherry, you’ll never have to worry about the durability of our finished product.

The Best Materials Deserve the Finest Craftsmanship

At Country Lane Furniture, we firmly believe that the best materials and quality craftsmanship go hand in hand. That’s why all of our “real wood” sewing cabinets are handmade by Amish master crafters who expertly transform raw natural wood into exquisite works of art. No detail is too small for our highly-skilled Lebanon and Lancaster artisans who genuinely care about the finished product they create. The Amish furniture making process is a welcome departure from fast paced, factory-made furniture where quantity matters much more than quality.

Custom Amish Sewing Cabinets Are Also Available

Many of our customers choose us because of our ability to provide a wide range of custom furniture design styles and user friendly options. You can customize any of our solid wood sewing machine cabinets fashioned in our one and only Annville, PA store to your exact specifications. We can assist you in the entire design process, including the selection of the stain or paint that is most appropriate for the décor of your room. Do you need a wall to wall sewing table/cabinet system that is user friendly? We are here to help you figure it all out? So email or call us. If you live in Singapore and your clock shows 6 am, it will be 6 pm here in Pennsylvania. We have worked with folks exactly in this way many times across the country. If you live here in the states and our store hours are closed, then simply email us and we will respond first thing in the morning. If it’s Sunday, we are closed for our day of rest, so we will either email or call you the first thing Monday morning, whichever you desire. We always strive to promptly respond to your emails and price custom or standard items for you.

Come See Our Handcrafted Sewing Cabinets for Yourself!

We invite you to take a closer look at each sewing cabinet above. You can also visit us at our 10,000-square-foot Annville, PA store and showroom to experience the beauty of our sewing cabinets and tables in person. We deliver to all of Lancaster and Lebanon County as well as throughout PA, MD, VA, WV, MD, NJ, NY, TN and NC, and we ship to just about any location in the United States and its Commonwealth. Make Country Lane Furniture your choice for our fabulous Mennonite and Amish sewing cabinets!