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30,000 Sq. Ft. Showroom Located At:
10 Nathan Lane.
Annville, PA 17003


Country Lane Furniture | Handcrafted Furniture PA

Solid hardwood furniture has long been a preferred choice of consumers and business owners worldwide and for plenty of sound reasons. The inherent beauty of our solid wood furniture is immediately obvious to any observer, as wood provides a classic look that never goes out of style. Solid wood also offers maximum flexibility for the customization of furniture pieces through the addition of specific details and a variety of finishes that meet the individual tastes of the buyer.

Long-Term Benefits of Solid Hardwood Handcrafted Furniture

Genuine solid wood furniture also offers a number of long-term advantages for the buyer. Furniture that is handcrafted from the best hardwoods is more durable than imported mass-produced furniture, so it typically characteristically lasts longer and retains its value and can even increase in value over the years. In fact, hardwood furniture pieces often become treasured heirlooms that remain within families for multiple generations. While the initial cost of fine wood furniture is often higher than cheaply produced furniture, the need to replace furniture less frequently results in significant cost savings over time. The added benefit of user friendly is worth easily any small added up front cost. Many folks have told us over the years that there are many items in stores that are made cheaper but are higher priced than our solid wood handcrafted furniture. So it pays to buy the best and know that your hard earned money is being invested into solid wood furniture that will outlast others and keep its value.

Amish Solid Wood Furniture in PA and Beyond

Country Lane Furniture, located in the small town of Historic Annville, PA in the heart of PA Amish country, specializes in handmade Amish solid wood furniture for the home and office. Our furniture is handcrafted from top-quality Pennsylvania-grown hardwoods including:

  • Maple – Its beautiful colored hue makes maple the ideal choice for rooms with brown decorating schemes
  • Cherry – Cherry wood is exemplified by smooth, graceful grains that add elegance and warmth to a room
  • Oak – Known for its clean, natural look that enhances the aesthetic appeal of a room without overwhelming it

We also offer an array of solid wood Amish furniture pieces made from pine, black walnut, hickory, elm, and even cedar.

Superior Craftsmanship Makes the Difference

Our PA solid wood furniture is made one piece at a time by hand using centuries old techniques and with ultra-modern equipment without the use of inferior materials that are far too common in much of today’s mass-produced furniture. We use the services of our own best Lancaster and Lebanon Country artisans to produce our furniture, providing a level of craftsmanship you won’t find anywhere else.

Experience the Timeless Beauty and Quality Craftsmanship of Solid Wood Furniture for Yourself!

For a firsthand look at our fantastic selection of handmade solid Mennonite and Amish solid wood furniture, come visit our single 10,000-square-foot store and showroom. We’re not far from notable PA cities such as Harrisburg, Carlisle, Gettysburg, Lancaster, Hershey and Reading. Let Country Lane Furniture help you make your dreams of an immaculately furnished home come true!